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Calculus Bingo Cards

Calculus Bingo Cards

These bingo cards are about Calculus. Some example words that are included on the card are: integral, derivative, factorial, epsilon and asymptote.

This is a field of mathematical studies, specifically covering change. This comes in two forms: one of which covers rates of change (differential calculus) and the other covering accumulation of quantities (integral calculus).

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These cards were created using our bingo card generator software.

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The complete word list for these Calculus bingo cards is:

integral derivative factorial epsilon
asymptote curve limit derivative
higher derivative minimize moment partial fractions
p-series tangent line velocity series
scalar sigma power series differential
delta chain rule quotient rule parametric equations
implicit differentiation

This list will be included on the print-out. Simple call out the words in order and players can mark their cards.

How To Play Calculus Bingo

  1. Select the colors of your bingo card, then print or save it. Each card will have the words randomly shuffled.
  2. Give a card to each student. Make sure they have something to write with.
  3. Read one word at a time out loud from the call list.
  4. If a player sees the word on their board, they should circle it.
  5. The player who gets the first five words in a row in any direction wins the game.

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